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Alan Johnson

Servant Shepherd

Alan grew up in Longview. He graduated from Pine Tree and later from Baylor University. After college, he worked in Dallas for 25 years and was active in ministry.
Then pride and rebellion took over Alan’s life. For 10 years he lived in Hell. Drinking and addicted to cocaine he was arrested over 30 times.
“In a demonic cell in McClennan City Jail, God sent an angel and I surrendered . . . all.” Alan
God took Alan from dope to hope.
He is married to his wonderful wife Cindy. “She is my princess and a wonderful gift from God!”
Along with Gary Don Holley, he leads Jesus Burger and in 2016, came to pastor Treasure.
“I can’t wait to meet you and walk together with you into God’s glory.” Alan


 Austin Medina

Student Minister

Austin was a knucklehead! He attended Big Sandy High School where he played football and basketball and led the team in technical fouls. After graduation, Austin chased after the things of the world. He caught them, and they left him empty. Then he met some serious Christian brothers that challenged him to get real with Jesus. Jesus wrecked him and filled him with the Holy Spirit.

Jesus went to the cross so that none may be lost; Austin is passionate for students so that none may be lost.
Come make a friend in Austin and see God’s love in action!


Tammi Pledger

Children’s Minister

Tammi is a country bumpkin that graduated from Overton and then from LeTourneau. Having been saved one of the few times early on at Sunday School, she lost her way until she learned biblical truths at LETU – and the Truth shall set you free. She is married to Milton Pledger and has a daughter and son. “We can’t wait to love Jesus with you.”


Preston Dozier

Connect Minister

Preston dynamically proclaims God’s truth everyday as a light in the darkness.
He spent 14 years addicted and selling methamphetamines living a hopeless life. He spent a few years in prison and emerged a new creation in Christ Jesus!
Today he leads Treasure to connect people to the cross of Christ. His desire is to see all God’s treasures living healthy, free lives in Christ Jesus.
Come shake hands with this country dope dealer turned hope dealer.


Lane Harriss

Media Director

Don’t let the sombrero fool you, Lane is a technical superhero when it comes to all things lighting, audio, and visual at Treasure Church. He faithfully serves behind the scenes during worship services, making sure that we look and sound good, and recording/editing sermons and testimonies for your listening enjoyment. Tell Lane and the tech team thanks and bring him a burrito next time you see him!


Faye Wardlaw

Children’s Minister for Jesus Loves the Little Children

God sent Faye to Treasure. She is a kind shepherd that cares for every single sheep.
Faye is a long disciple that speaks children’s language. She is familiar with challenging family dynamics and fosters an environment of victory in Jesus.
At Treasure, every child is somebody. God has built a team of teachers that care deeply for them.
Bring your family and encounter God’s love here!


Jamin Shepherd

Service Coordinator

Jamin and his wonderful wife Lilah are great warriors of love here at Treasure! Jamin helps make sure that our services are running smoothly as the Holy Spirit guides, and helps out from time to time by using his awesome musical and ministering gifts. They are both creative, dynamic Jesus lovers and we are so glad they are a part of the family!

Jenn Eze

Media Liaison

After spending over 10 years chasing after the empty promises of this world, this prodigal came home to Jesus in 2010, and in 2013 the Lord took what seemed like a hopeless job situation and turned it into a web design business. While the business that the Lord blessed her with helped her to climb out of poverty, her heart longed to use what she had learned for something that would make an eternal impact. Jenn thought she was heading to meet a new website client one November morning in 2016; little did she know it was a divine appointment for her to meet her spiritual family here at Treasure! She loves her Treasure family dearly, and has a blast using technology for the advancement of the Kingdom of the Most High. She helps to create, manage, and coordinate the online presence here at Treasure along with our other amazing servant leaders. She has the support of her awesome husband Austin Eze and their four precious children.


Brother Stan

Pastor Emeritus

Sixty-six year ago, Brother G. A. Stanfield heard the call of our Lord to ministry. He responded.
Forest Hills in Kilgore, Memorial in Gladewater, Rolling Hills in White Oak, and Zion Tabernacle have all been lovingly led by our dear Pastor Stan.
As he pastored, he also held school administration positions at Hudson Pep and Pine Tree.
Brother Stan seeks God’s face, hears His voice and unapologetically preaches and teaches Jesus. God chose Brother Stan to lead the Spirit Filled movement into East Texas decades ago. We praise God for Brother Stan’s wisdom, encouragement and love of Treasure everyday!