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Experiences, Stories and Thoughts from the heart of our Pastor Alan Johnson.

All The Way

The graying elderly preacher stepped up between the bars on Sunday afternoon, March 9, 2008 and into the midst of fifty some-odd incarcerated felons. The preacher man was carrying a big bible.  It was adorned with a needlepoint cover. I’m only now remembering how my...

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Dear Moms

Dear Moms, "No really, the dog ate my homework again, Really Mom, actually, I just remembered I didn't have any homework . . . " "Mom, do I have to eat these old vegetables???  Even the English Peas?" "Mom, I cleaned my room Last Year!  Come on Mom!" "Mom, my Brother...

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California Dreamin

"Boy those people sure need Jesus", "what's wrong with the culture today? Those liberals are going to Hell", "Have you lost your Mind? Those people are Crazy, they are the Enemy!" These are some comments we received as God sent us to The University of California at...

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Denton County “Barber Johnson”

Well it turns out, God sure has a sense of humor. Last night at 2:30 am Flannigan "Caught the chain" that means he was transported to the transfer prison unit in Gurney, Texas. It is a division of the Texas Department of Corrections. I got to be friends with Flannigan...

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Moving with Purpose

My old basketball coach always "encouraged" us to "move with a purpose." His "encouragement" was sometimes a little rough! Disciples of Christ Jesus "move with a purpose". Each day we wake glorifying God and listening intently for the guidance of the Holy Ghost. We...

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Tales from Dallas – Seperation

I'm sitting at a long grey steel table in the corner of Jail Cell #02SH15, Dallas County. Immediately in front of me is a wall of 99 - 1 1/2" square tubing steel bars on 6" centers. They are turned diagonally, individually to my right are 73 identical bars with a pair...

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