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Our Complete Couple’s Class is a class designed to help married couples adjust certain aspects of their marriages so that their marriage becomes the best of what God has intended it to be for them.

The class shows husbands and wives the proper way to dwell with each other in peace, and helps them understand the uniqueness of the person they are living with.

Not Married yet? No Problem, you are still welcome to join us and get ahead of the game by gaining insight and understanding of what qualities you should look for in a husband or wife.

Complete Couple’s is a class where it’s ok to ask questions or share thoughts. You will discover new insights that will prepare you for that journey through life called marriage!

The class is on Tuesday nights at 6 pm in the Cove at Treasure. Each class is about 10 weeks long and is taught by Michael & Peggy Jones who are members here at Treasure Church.

The next class starts on October 13 and goes through December 15.
If you would like more information you can contact Mike at 903-738-0507.