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My old basketball coach always “encouraged” us to “move with a purpose.” His “encouragement” was sometimes a little rough!

Disciples of Christ Jesus “move with a purpose”. Each day we wake glorifying God and listening intently for the guidance of the Holy Ghost. We discern the distractions of darkness, submit ourselves to God resisting the devil and he must flee!

We journey in the light as bright beacons of light. The world sees us and is encouraged in Christ Jesus. We live in the world without pandering to the gods of this world. We LOVE freely and without condition as Jesus loves us. Guess what – disciple of Jesus, you are building Christ’s Kingdom and changing your culture!

You, my friend, are “moving with a purpose” leading your family, your friends, your world to the Cross and to eternal life through the grace of our Almighty God! Our prayers are with you! You are living in the palm of Christ Jesus. God has chosen you and equipped you to be a special soldier in His Holy Kingdom!

We love you and are excited to worship our Father with you very soon.
Your friend in Christ,
Alan Johnson