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There is only one true God, which makes many bookstores obsolete.  For they tell you there are many roads leading to Heaven, but I know better. There is only one God and you deal with Him every second of the day. You either obey His will or you challenge God and do your own will.

It says in my Bible when you get to Heaven the books will be opened and you will be judged by what’s in your books.  BOOKS IS PLURAL!  God has your record in books.  You are going to appear before God even if you don’t believe in Him.  Ecc. 12:7 makes it very clear.  It says your body shall return to dust and your spirit shall return to God who gave it.  You started out with God and you shall return to God to have all your books open and be judged by what’s in your books.  When you were conceived, your parents gave you a body and God gave you a spirit.  The spirit is the real you.  The spirit can’t die.  It returns to God who accepts those who received his Son, Jesus.  Those who neglected Jesus are cast into darkness in a fire that will burn forever.  Hell is total darkness.  You will not see a person or talk to a person.  You won’t ever touch anything.  Total darkness and no rest in Hell.

But remember, Hell was not created for you.  It was prepared for Satan and his angels.  HEAVEN WAS CREATED FOR YOU WHO TOOK JESUS AS THEIR SAVIOR.  Satan destroys lives and blames God.  GOD SENDS NO ONE TO HELL.  YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE TO GO.  YOU HAVE A WILL!

Brother Stan