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Here is where you can find the Heartbeat of Treasure Church. All of the recent events, updates, and blogs are here to make sure that you are up to date with all that God is doing in our midst!

Current Events

Homecoming Sunday May 27

Join us for Homecoming Service on May 27, 2018. We welcome all Rolling Hills, Zion Tabernacle and Treasure Church former and current members for a time of fellowship following the 10 am worship service. There will be a brisket dinner served, and we will be collecting...

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Support Grace House Of Longview

Here at Treasure Church, we support several Biblically Based Discipleship Programs, and we are happy to help spread the word about Longview's newest Discipleship in Christ Jesus House and Program for Women - Grace House of Longview. One of our dear sisters in the Lord...

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Easter at Treasure 2018

Join us for Easter Service on April 1, 2018! We will be having two services on Easter - one at 9 am and one at 11 am. Following the 11 am service we will have a hot dog lunch and Treasure Kids will have a Treasure hunt!

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Break Fast, Discipleship and More!

Great Love to You All Dear Treasure!!! This Sunday following the 10 am Service, we will be serving BREAKFAST as we BREAK FAST!!! Please join us for this time of loving Fellowship and Celebration of our Faithful JESUS!! Bring some friends!! We will also be Kicking off...

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Treasure Fast – Jan 2018

Dear On Mission Team, Shade Tree, Treasure, Gilmer, Henderson, Winona, Ore City, and Team Jesus We would like to invite you to FAST with us for 21 days, beginning January 7 at lunch and ending with lunch on the 28th. Treasure Fast "For where your Treasure is, there...

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Alan’s Heart

Dear Moms

Dear Moms, "No really, the dog ate my homework again, Really Mom, actually, I just remembered I didn't have any homework . . . " "Mom, do I have to eat these old vegetables???  Even the English Peas?" "Mom, I cleaned my room Last Year!  Come on Mom!" "Mom, my Brother...

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California Dreamin

"Boy those people sure need Jesus", "what's wrong with the culture today? Those liberals are going to Hell", "Have you lost your Mind? Those people are Crazy, they are the Enemy!" These are some comments we received as God sent us to The University of California at...

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Moving with Purpose

My old basketball coach always "encouraged" us to "move with a purpose." His "encouragement" was sometimes a little rough! Disciples of Christ Jesus "move with a purpose". Each day we wake glorifying God and listening intently for the guidance of the Holy Ghost. We...

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Tales from Dallas – Seperation

I'm sitting at a long grey steel table in the corner of Jail Cell #02SH15, Dallas County. Immediately in front of me is a wall of 99 - 1 1/2" square tubing steel bars on 6" centers. They are turned diagonally, individually to my right are 73 identical bars with a pair...

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Joy’s Testimony

I’m a believer in Jesus Christ who has found victory over anger, abuse, and denial and my name is Joy. The Facebook snapshot of my life would go like this: encounters with God throughout my childhood, spent 2 ½ years in Africa as a missionary kid, married at age 20 to...

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