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We Treasure You!

Thinking of visiting with us here at Treasure Church? AWESOME, we can’t wait to meet you!

We know sometimes when visiting a new church you may have lots of questions floating around in your head, so we created this page in hopes of answering some basic questions for you, about what to expect.

Treasure Church is located about 1 mile South of Hwy 80 in White Oak, TX. Our Sunday Worship services starts at 10 am where we worship the Lord togeather then hear the Word of God, we also have a pre-service Worship opportunity for those who desire to spend extra time worshipping the Lord before regular service at 9:30 am on Sunday mornings; our Wednesday night service starts at 6:30 pm (children are welcome!). Transportation to and from both services (and Wednesday night meal) is available, just call us at (903) 309-0759 and select option 4 for transportation. (please leave a message if prompted and we promise to get back to you!)

We have an exciting, growing children’s ministry – Treasure Kid’s – where our children soak up the love of Jesus and learn how to build a strong relationship with Him, all while having loads of fun doing it. The school aged children come in to the main sanctuary with the adults, then after we have a brief time of worship together, the children are blessed and sent off to continue in worship in their own awesome space while the adults continue in the main sanctuary. The infants and toddlers go straight to their classrooms in the Cove prior to the start of worship.

Treasure Youth have an action packed night on Wednesday nights at The Porch (our awesome new youth building!) at 6:30 pm. There they learn and discuss what it means to live a life for Christ in a world that often times sends confusing messages about life’s major decisions.