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Joy Nelson – Missionary to Burundi, Africa

Joy is a servant of King Jesus and a member of the Treasure Church family, who serves in Bujumbura, Burundi, Africa. As of August 2018, she has been serving as a Special Education Teacher at Discovery School, a Christian-based school for nationals in the capital city. She walks alongside the believers there, joining in prayer over the nation. Joy has experienced great growth as a byproduct of following God’s call! May the Good News of the Kingdom of God grow deep and spread far and wide! You may donate to Joy’s mission by clicking on the donate button below.

Shade Tree Fellowship (Jesus Burger)

The Shade Tree Fellowship is a community of hope, bringing the love of Christ and the helping hands of the community to the forgotten and marginalized population of Longview, TX and other communities. Hot meals, clothing, bibles, worship and the life changing word of God are just a few of the ways that communities are honored through this amazing ministry founded by On Mission Ministries.

Jesus Loves the Little Children

Jesus Loves the Little Children Outreach is a non-profit ministry that meets at Treasure Church every Tuesday night at 6 pm where it provides a family meal, before entering worship and a Bible study time.

Prison Ministry

Prison is a fertile, fruitful garden for Christ Jesus were men grow into humble warriors of the Cross behind these bleak gray bars.

Preston Dozier leads this effort. Fourteen years of radical addiction decimated Preston’s family and landed him in prison. It was there he heard the Loving voice of God call him home and Preston surrendered.
Noreen Jackson and Neena Harris volunteer to minister to women at the Gregg County Jail. Fearlessly these ladies declare victory in Jesus over these broken ladies.
Our Pastor Alan, as well as dozens of Treasure members, have spent time behind bars. God continues to use these days of incarceration as valuable tools of reconciliation.
Come join the team and step your step of victory!

My Brother’s Keeper (MBK)

Treasure Missionary: Knock, Knock
Globe Inn Guy: Who is it?
Treasure Missionary: It’s Austin, with My Brothers’ Keeper. What’s up?
Globe Inn Guy: Don’t bug me man.
Treasure Missionary: I gotta sandwich for you.
Globe Inn Guy: (Opening door) Can I have a sandwich?
Treasure Missionary: Sure can, cause Jesus loves you and so do I.
Globe Inn Guy: You love me? Nobody loves me.

Would you like to respond to this guy? Would you like to share your heart with a lonely new friend? Every Friday night, 6:00 p.m. MBK gathers at the Dream Center in Longview, (803 Gilmer Road). The team prays and builds sandwiches then hits the streets of Longview. They minister at hotels along Highway 80, public parks and disadvantaged apartment complexes.
The MBK team offers meals, prayer, an ear, encouragement and a friend. There are thousands of lonely lost folks that travel this often forgotten path.
At MBK no one is unloved, forgotten or left behind. MBK is My Brothers’ Keeper! Will you be your Brothers’ Keeper?

For more information please contact Preston Jr. at (903) 238-7858.